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My name is Kennedy and my goal is to encourage people to have fun exercising their dog… turning your dog’s pulling power into a sport that your dog loves, without burning you out! Canicross is a sport where you run or hike with your dog and they are attached to you via a special belt. Bikejoring takes place when you attach your dog to a bike by a shock/bungee cord (to reduce impact), and a fitted X-back harness. For over four years I have been dog sledding and skijoring, but when my family relocated, it was hard to find trails to train in the wintertime. My mom and I are runners/hikers, and having heard about Canicross, I purchased the equipment and gave it a go (my dog already knew her commands from dog sled training). I loved that I could go almost anywhere… minimal gear required and very versatile. The belt was also handy when hiking; it left my hands free and the dogs couldn’t pull as hard because they are attached to my waist. Bikejoring is faster paced and gives your dog a harder workout, and what better way to train your dog prior to winter!
With all these dog-related sports, I began to recognize that my dogs required a better source of food to meet their energy requirements. I talked to my veterinarian, read lots of articles, and was surprised to find that certain foods would help keep my dogs cooler during the summers months, while others would provide them warmth in the wintertime. I knew they needed proper fuel for exercising, just like people. It was then that I decided that people should know what they are feeding their companions and created a detailed nutritional chart to further enhance your pet’s well being.

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